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Physiotherapy, besides the benefits of the treatments, is a way to reach more lives, to show how special they are to God.
Dr. Juliana Carla*,
Adore Mission´s missionary and responsible for the Physiotherapy Clinic

After building the One Hope School and planting two churches; in February 2018, the Adore Mission Cambodia took a step forward inaugurating the Physiotherapy Clinic in Kampong Speu regions.

Expanding our work, we had opened our first ministry focused on the Health area!

The Physiotherapy Clinic is a formidable tool for blessing the Cambodian people – a large part of the population works in Agriculture, with a huge physically demanding work, because of a repetitive nature, resulting in a series of health problems and back pain.

We thank God and all who were involved to make this project came true!

*Juliana Carla studied Physiotherapy (Unidombosco Centro Universitário), Orthopedic and Sports Traumatology Physiotherapy (PUCPR), has Master in Health Technology (PUCPR), she is currently a missionary by Adore Mission.