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In Maharashtra, India, where some of the Adore Mission works happen, women from Kanjarbhat community are fighting against the virginity tests.

The “Virginity Test” rituals rose from Rajasthan, and today it is practiced across India.

The “test” happens after the wedding celebration. Ending the party, the husband and wife consume the matrimony on a white cloth and hand it to the panchayat´s members, the caste counselors.

Throughout the sexual act, the family members stay far from the room, waiting for the result, which comes through by the panchayat – who receives an amount of money for doing that.

The “test” is simple: if the girl bleeds out, she passes, and they declare: “Maal Khara hai“; if she didn’t, she would assume she had a premarital sex, so they shout “Maal  hai“, which means she is like a “spoiled commodity”, and the marriage can be cancelled.

Siddhant, who belongs the Kanjarbhat community, in an interview with The Indian Express newspaper, said: “They (the brides who do not bleed on their wedding night) are often beaten, the families sentenced to the foreclosure, and the panchayat asks them money to solve the problem. Anyone defying Kanjarbhat laws book suffers a social boycott.”

According to Siddhant, there was a bride who contested for months her result. She argued she was virgin before the marriage just did not blood in her first night. As anyone was able to know the trust, the panchayat invited her to hold a scald metal ball. He said: “If she is innocent, the ball won’t burn her.

Obviously, she got burned, so she was considered guilty.

In recent years, Indian women are struggling intensively for their rights. Even it has advanced, unfortunately, it has been far below expected.

We are inviting the Church of God to pray for Indian women’s cause, to the creation of laws to protect them from such aggression and violations, and to them be respected by their families and communities. Let’s also pray to all Indians have the opportunity to know Jesus and be restored for his love and grace.