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With the destruction of schools and books in the period of civil war, Red Khemer, the sense of importance regarding the studies seemed to be diluted in the country.

Despite government-built schools in the post-war period, the country has high rates of functional illiteracy and thousands of children suffer from low levels of education.

In response to this need, the Adore Mission – along with churches and people engaged in spreading the Word of God – bought land in Kampong Speu, a village in need of Phnom Penh, and built the One Hope school, which in 2015 began its school calendar

Currently, One Hope offers a quality study for more than 230 children and, after the construction and inauguration of the 8 (eight) new classrooms, the number of students attended in the next school year will double.

In addition to the educational activities, One Hope instructs from Christian values ​​and principles able to create and establish a safe, just and humane way for this generation.




Through the opportunities that God has provided through One Hope School, Mission Adore has reached countless lives in the village of Kampong Speu, Cambodia.

In addition to personal evangelism and weekly cell meetings with those who have chosen Christ, Adore Cambodia celebrated the opening of its first church in Phnom Penh in July 2017 with a baptism where 14 (14) natives demonstrated their faith publicly.

The implantation of Churches in nations that do not yet know the Gospel of Jesus Christ, countries that do not have a native Christian community with strong numerical representation (usually with a rate equal to or less than 2% of the national population), is the main target of the Mission Adore, which continues to open new fronts of work for the spreading and expansion of the Kingdom of God.

Today, the Adore Mission is active in three (3) Asian countries: India, Cambodia and Thailand, as well as its headquarters in Brazil, which supports all of its international

English Classes



Cambodia, for its ancient culture and natural and historical wealth, receives thousands of tourists annually. Although this factor is seen as a range of opportunities, the lack of knowledge of the English language limits exponentially the contact with foreigners, reduces business possibilities and joins greater knowledge.

Recognizing the importance of learning the English language to open up new possibilities and professional opportunities, Adore Mission is committed to offering high quality classes for students enrolled in One Hope, Cambodia.

Through grammatical and creative theoretical classes, with music, arts and stories, responsible teachers seek to attract students’ attention and facilitate the assimilation of learning in its most diverse levels, both reading, speaking and interpreting texts.



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Pr Pheng Sopheak & Keo Chenda

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