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One of the pillars of the Adore Mission for church planting and for the development of a better quality of life in the countries where it is inserted is Education.

According to the NGO Apne Aap, India has about 3 million women and girls victims of human trafficking with the destination for prostitution, with more than 1 million of them having the first contact with this life between 9 and 13 years.

With knowledge of these facts, Adore Mission invests resources – human and financial – for children and adolescents to have access to school, good instructions and, beyond the possibility of a better future, protection against all forms of violence experienced in the nation.

Mission Adore has built two (2) schools in India and currently offers quality classes to over 2,000 children who, if not through the organization, would hardly have the opportunity.


Unfortunately, today, India ranks 15th on the World Persecution List, provided by the Open Doors ministry.

Activities in Indian churches are monitored by the government and many states legally forbid any citizen’s conversion to Christianity.

Incidents such as churches burned, Christians beaten, arrested or forced to leave their villages are increasingly recurrent in the country.

Against all these facts, the Adore Mission has established jobs, nailed to hundreds of Indians and implanted churches.

Today, Adore Mission has eight (8) churches set up in India and continues to open new fronts for the spreading and spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Seeing the Life Foundation

Institute Looking at life

In India, as well as in various parts of the world, people with physical limitations are placed on the margins of society and, consequently, exposed to a range of social and economic problems.

The Watching Life ministry was created to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the visually impaired and their families in the village of Rupeenagar.

In addition to the church, Enxergando a Vida responds socially to the local economic need, with monthly distributions of basic baskets to more than 300 members.


Finally Home



One of the most complex social issues in Indian culture is child neglect and exploitation.

In India, hundreds of children can be easily found on the streets, in the stations or by offering something in exchange for coins between cars without an adult responsible for their safety nearby.

Finally Home is an orphanage built, managed and cared for by the Adore Mission, which houses and cares for over 70 (seventy) children who were previously exposed to violence, human trafficking and child prostitution .

No Finally Home children receive food, care, education and have all their basic needs met through people committed to the work of the Adore Mission.



Prs. Sunil & Rhoda Mavaskar

Miss. Samuel & Luanna Milleki