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Mission Adore recognizes God’s responsibility to the Church in fulfilling the Great Commission, a task where His disciples are called to spread His teachings to all the nations of the world. From this recognition, Adore works with churches equipping, supporting and even providing the possibility for Christian communities to have churches in nations that have not yet heard the name of Jesus.

To serve the Brazilian churches through ministrations and workshops, the Adore Mission – through its ministers and missionaries – is prepared to bless Christian communities with preaching, testimony and studies from the Christian missionary perspective, bridging cross-cultural missions with the Brazilian church .

Also as an act of service, Adore Brasil establishes multilevel relationships with churches that wish to fulfill the IDE, offers for those who wish to act as missionaries in the cross-cultural field training and support to fulfill their calling in an effective and intentional way, as well as links ecclesiastics focused on the implantation of churches in nations not yet reached by the Gospel within the Global Church vision – 100 churches with 100 churches.

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